The Watermill at Klostermølle

An essential part of the Touborg family through several generations

The history of the watermill at Klostermølle goes back to the year of 1412. At the time, the prioress of The Gudum Monastery, belonging to the Benedictine Order, had the watermill erected to grind the grain from the local fields.

The first generation of the Touborg family took over the farm and the watermill in the year, 1757.

In the year, 2000, The 6th generation of Touborg, Anna Marie and Kristen Touborg (the mother and father of Thomas Touborg, Karen Touborg and Mette Touborg) took initiative to restore the watermill. The restauration became possible due to Anna Marie and Kristens communication and cooperation with local volunteers, support from a local union of friends and external funding.

In 2019, the ownership of Klostermølle was handed over to Thomas Touborg and Karen Touborg in common ownership to secure the continuation of the Touborg family's caring for the farm and the watermill.

Fundings to the ongoing preservation of the Watermill are received with great gratitude.

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